05 Oct 2023

A day in the life of Georgina Whitham, Customer Experience Specialist

As part of National Customer Service Week, we’re shining a light on the contribution our colleagues make to the relationships we have with our customers, clients and the public.

A bit of background:

I’m Fulcrum Group’s Customer Experience Specialist. I’ve been with the Group for more than three years, having joined in 2020 as Operations Manager. Previous to that, I spent six years in operational support for a smart metering business, all of which helped me develop a passion for customer service and leading a team that delivers the highest level of support, collaboration and commitment to customers.

What’s a typical day for you?

Essentially as Fulcrum’s first Customer Experience Specialist, I act as the conscious of the Group to help us focus on improving our customer support. My aim is to provide positive change to the customer journey and to ensure it is navigated correctly. That naturally means putting our customers’ needs at the forefront. Of course, that has always been the case, but through a more structured and strategic approach we can constantly improve on how we do things.

My first job, and one I pick up throughout day, is to receive and seek feedback. This is fundamental to my role and to the business because it allows clients, customers, the public as well as Fulcrum’s internal team to provide comments and, in some cases, make a complaint.

All of the feedback I log is also reviewed by the leadership team, which highlights both the transparency in our team and collective ambition to deliver the best possible service.

This is just one element of my role that enables me to provide a truly responsive service to any customer feedback or issues. I am also keen to be proactive in this role and spend time everyday implementing continual change improvements.

Part of this is through managing a series of regular surveys that provides us with focused information throughout the customer journey. We issue surveys at different points of a project, from when we have issued a quote and after project planning has taken place, through to when our engineers are onsite, when the onsite works have ended and finally when the project is completed. These surveys are extremely beneficial and allow us to break down every part of the customers’ experience with Fulcrum during a project lifecycle, which enables us to make very targeted improvements when required.

I regularly run training programmes and coaching sessions for colleagues to help share service best practice, in context of our business operations to further strengthen our individual and collective customer service abilities.

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is managing our rewards and recognition programmes, which includes our Customer Service Stars awards. These are awarded from external feedback we receive for colleagues from customers and the public as well as internal nominations from colleagues. I have the great job of choosing the winners, who receive a prize, and presenting it to them. It’s really nice to see colleagues recognised for the hard work they put in.

What’s the most satisfying part of the job?

Helping find a solution to a challenge or issue that improves the service we provide. It’s a job that demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of customer service and I am proud to hold this role. The customer journey is something that is constantly changing and through this role I can ensure there is positive action taken across the business. I have the great job of choosing the winners, who receive a £100 prize, and presenting it to them. It’s really nice to see colleagues recognised for the hard work they put in.