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Powering Tiln Farm Solar Farm

Dunamis has supported Lightsource bp, a global leader in solar energy projects to design and build High Voltage electrical infrastructure for the Tiln Farm Solar Farm and Battery Energy Storage System Projects in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

The Tiln Farm solar project, spans 158 acres, boasts an impressive output capacity of 61 MWp (Megawatts peak) or 49.9 MWac, generating 52,890 MWh (Megawatts hours) of clean energy annually – equivalent to powering 14,230 homes, combined with the adjacent 25MW / 50MWhr BESS installation.

  • Design & Build of High Voltage Grid Connections
  • High Voltage Electrical Design Services

Bespoke solution designed and delivered in-house

0 kV



design and build

Client: Lightsource bp
Location: Nottinghamshire
Benefits delivered
  • Efficiencies from a complete in-house design and construction service
  • Managed and delivered the grid connection to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
  • Designed and delivered flexibly to mitigate delays during global supply chain issues
  • Utilised in-group specialist services from Maintech Power to provide jointing on the complex cable installation

A solution designed and delivered to meet specific clean energy objectives

True added value project delivery

Dunamis used its expertise, agility, and flexibility to help address the global supply chain challenges that existed during project delivery, with Dunamis’ in-house engineers proactively adapting the design and construction programme to minimise impact on the overall project timeline.

This approach enabled the High Voltage system to be constructed, with delayed components added on-site as they became available, mitigating delays.

We were also able to use our in-group experts from Maintech Power to provide a truly joined-up jointing solution on the complex cable installation.

Throughout the project delivery, Dunamis demonstrated agility and flexibility in addressing the global supply chain challenges. Its engineers proactively adapted the design and construction programme for the High Voltage systems, minimising impact on the overall project timeline.

This flexibility allowed the systems to be constructed promptly, with delayed components added on-site as they became available, thereby mitigating delays as far as possible. The High Voltage capabilities, project management and site operations management of Dunamis, has contributed to the safe and successful delivery of our first co-located Solar and BESS project globally.

Lightsource bp

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